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A New Way of Thinking

Posted on by Ami Spencer

Last week we talked about the different definitions of diet. This week, let’s focus on how to change your dieting mindset. From now on, a diet is not something you “go on.” Your diet is what you eat and drink. … Continue reading

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Staying Fit & Healthy on the Job

Posted on by Ami Spencer

Staying healthy on the job isn’t easy to do. With today’s increase in sedentary office jobs, and an increase in hours spent at work, it’s not easy to stay active and eat right. And not only are you likely to … Continue reading

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Take Your Medicine–Or Not?

Posted on by Ami Spencer

With news of more and more FDA-approved medications being linked to dangerous side-effects, you may be wondering if medicines aren’t becoming more harmful than helpful. Giving up medication completely may not be the best course of action, though. And if … Continue reading

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Eat Your Vegetables

Posted on by Ami Spencer

According to a recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology (March 2007), people who eat less meat and fatty foods and more vegetables are at lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. While the researchers can’t be certain why … Continue reading

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