Individual Nutrition Counseling Testimonials

“Indeed, limiting my food intake is a must and I find that it takes a lot of self talk to get me to through the day to stay focused on the goal of controlling my eating habits and weight loss.  Now, I think more about “why” I want to eat: stressed? tired? bored? or and I really truly hungry?  Another question I ask myself is how hungry am I? Will a taste do for now? Applying this limitation also helps me to stop and think first before making that choice of what and how much to eat.” ~ Anonymous patient

“I went today to buy a new pair of jeans. I grab a size 16 which I have been in for quite sometime now and a size 14 just to see how much farther I had before I could actually buy that size. The size 16s were so big on me and I was able to fit into a size 14!!! I haven’t seen a size 14 in 4 years!! When I started my life changing ways I was in a size 22 and went down to a size 16 and have been that size for awhile. I am well on my way now to a size 12 now! Thank you so much for all you help!” ~ Rebecca Robicheau

“I just had to take a few minutes to tell you about my visit with [my doctor] yesterday. I had blood tests done before I went and the results were great! Just about every level, even things I wasn’t concerned about, got better. … [My doctor] asked me what you had done to help me. I told her you taught me how to eat, how to read labels, and got me on a meal plan as well as eating 6 smaller meals a day. … I just can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you gave me. I’m so much happier now.” ~ Anonymous patient

Cre8 a New You Testimonials

“If people need help getting started [with] eating better and to be healthier then they need to take this class. It was very enlightening.” ~ Brenda Berry

“Nicole taught me what to eat and what good fuel I should put into my body…[Cre8 A New You] was a great start to a lifestyle change…It really helped me get started and keep going. I learned I am worth it!” ~ Mandy Thompson

“This class made me look at life a lot differently, the things I’m doing to make me unhealthy…I liked learning how to make healthier choices [and] talking about why not to eat foods that are processed and high in sugar…[Cre8 A New You] helped me take charge and want to better myself.” ~ Mandi LaClair

“This class gave me the information I needed, along with the training to use the [information] in my life. I’ve taken other nutrition classes, but this is the first one presented in a way I can put to use for me!” ~ Anonymous Participant

“[This program was] very interesting, simple, non-judgmental, tangible [and] doable.” ~ Anonymous Participant

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