Individual Nutrition Counseling Testimonials

“Indeed, limiting my food intake is a must and I find that it takes a lot of self talk to get me to through the day to stay focused on the goal of controlling my eating habits and weight loss.  Now, I think more about “why” I want to eat: stressed? tired? bored? or and I really truly hungry?  Another question I ask myself is how hungry am I? Will a taste do for now? Applying this limitation also helps me to stop and think first before making that choice of what and how much to eat.”

“I went today to buy a new pair of jeans. I grab a size 16 which I have been in for quite sometime now and a size 14 just to see how much farther I had before I could actually buy that size. The size 16s were so big on me and I was able to fit into a size 14!!! I haven’t seen a size 14 in 4 years!! When I started my life changing ways I was in a size 22 and went down to a size 16 and have been that size for awhile. I am well on my way now to a size 12 now! Thank you so much for all you help!”

“I just had to take a few minutes to tell you about my visit with [my doctor] yesterday. I had blood tests done before I went and the results were great! Just about every level, even things I wasn’t concerned about, got better. … [My doctor] asked me what you had done to help me. I told her you taught me how to eat, how to read labels, and got me on a meal plan as well as eating 6 smaller meals a day. … I just can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you gave me. I’m so much happier now.”

  Cre8 A New You Program Testimonials  

“If people need help getting started [with] eating better and to be healthier then they need to take this class. It was very enlightening.”

“Nicole taught me what to eat and what good fuel I should put into my body…[Cre8 A New You] was a great start to a lifestyle change…It really helped me get started and keep going. I learned I am worth it!”

“This class made me look at life a lot differently, the things I’m doing to make me unhealthy…I liked learning how to make healthier choices [and] talking about why not to eat foods that are processed and high in sugar…[Cre8 A New You] helped me take charge and want to better myself.”

“This class gave me the information I needed, along with the training to use the [information] in my life. I’ve taken other nutrition classes, but this is the first one presented in a way I can put to use for me!”

“[This program was] very interesting, simple, non-judgmental, tangible [and] doable.”

-Anonymous Patient


-Rebecca Robicheau


-Anonymous Patient


-Brenda Berry

-Mandy Thompson


-Mandi LaClair


-Anonymous Patient


-Anonymous Patient